Wednesday: Thornlea Badminton Club.

Friday: Woodland Badminton Club.

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2017 to 2018 New Season  Guest fee is $4 per night. Please bring your own birds and racquets. 

Monday nights please click RH Badminton Club (at Richmond Hill High School, 6 courts hardwood floor at double gym)

Wednesday night:  THORNLEA Badminton club, MAP Wednesday (6 courts hardwood floor at double gym)  starting 8:05pm to 10:30pm each night. The school located on east side of Bayview Ave. and Willowbrook Rd. corner, just south of #407, East side of the Plaza with a Japanese Restaurant, on. 8075 Bayview Ave. Thornhill, Ontario L3T 4N4

Wednesday nights Starts Sept. 20,2017, ends June 13, 2018.

Cancellations: 2017: Dec.27.  2018: Jan.3, Mar.14. Last badminton night is June 13, 2018  


Friday night: Woodland Badminton Club. 120 Royal Orchard Blvd, Thornhill, just west of Bayview Ave, one street north of John St. (please search the route on Google, the blvd. must be entered from a side road on the East side of Bayview and just north of Green Lane.)

Cancellations: 2017: Dec. 29. 2018: Jan.5. Mar.15,30.  Last badminton night is June 15, 2018.  



Badminton Club Rules. 

All members and guest are welcome to playt Badminton in a friendly and fun maner. Any misbehavior (causing disturbance to other players or games, not cooperative or rough manners) player will be expelled from the Badminton Club and refund as list below.

Members: Only members in good friendly and co-operative manner will be granted continue membership. New members are welcom.

Membership fee: New membership fee is $60, return previous year membership is $50.

Guests: All guests obey school and club rules and pay the guest fee $4 are welcome in any night.

Refunds: Membership fee will be refundable after $10 cancellation fee, and minus $4 each badminton night passed. (e.g. after 6 nights after the club open, whether the player has been attended or not, $60-$10-$24=$26 is refundable), Membership are not transferable to another player or switch to another night.  

Maximum players: There will be no maximum players each night, every player must take turns (one game), match score will be 21 points. At busy nights, timer will be time at 10 minutes intervals. Warm up time must be kept minimum, about 1 minutes when there are players waiting. The Manager will arrange the take term system.

Others: All players bring their racquets and shuttles, help set up or clear nets and posts, guests must be registered and paid before go on court. Must follow the school and club rules.  

VIP members: Players pay double membership fee and play badminton from arrival to the end.  



Top six photos are from Wednesday Club, lower four photos are from Friday Club.

A: Wednesday night: 
Main gym 6 courts: at main building, enter from parking lot to the main (west) side entrance, then turn left..
B: Friday night: 
Second gym: 3 courts: at the separated building in the back of the school. (Left gym from the swimming pool)

All enquiry please contact the manager Charles Chow at




Charles Chow club Manager

NCCP Level II/III Coach, Provincial Umpire.

1993 Official for Toronto Chinese Badminton Open.

1994 Official for SSSAA Badminton Championship, DYSSAA Badminton Junior Championship, Ontario University Championships, Mayfair fall invitation Classic BCD Championship.

1995 Official for OCAA Championship, T&D C&D Tournament.

1996 Official for SSSAATournament, YRSS Badminton Championships, OWIAA, QUAA Championship.

1997 Official for Carlton Junior Championship, T&D A&B Championship, Toronto Junior Open, QUA East section Championship.

1998 Official for Toronto Badminton Open, T&D Master Championship, T&D Junior Championship, SSSAA Championship, YRAA Senior Badminton Championship, YRAA Junior Badminton Championship. Toronto Junior Badminton Open, OUA Badminton East Tournament.

1999 Official for 1999 Yonex Toronto Grand Prix, Central Regional Badminton Championship, OBA C&D Championship, SSSAA Championship.

2000 Official for OCAA West Region Badminton Tournament SSSAA Badminton Championship, YRAA Senior Championship, YRAA Junior Championship. 2001 Official YRAA Senior Championship, YRAA Junior Championship.

2001-2007 Official for TDSSAA High School East and district Championship and Toronto District High School Championship.

2001-2006 Official for YRAA High School Junior and Senior Tournaments.

2005  Official for Ontario South Private High School Badminton Championship.